Hanno joint sealing tapes for window sealing
Hanno joint sealing tapes for window sealing
Hanno window sealing for acoustics
Hanno window sealing for acoustics
Hanno window sealing for fire proofing
Hanno window sealing for fire proofing
Hanno Duo Easy flashing tape
Hanno Duo Easy flashing tape
Hanno joint sealing
Hanno joint sealing

Hannoband® 600

Hannoband 600 -  joint sealing tape supplied by Optiseal Australia

Hannoband® BSB BG1

Hannoband BSB BG1 fire protection tape - resistant to driving rain and weathering - sealing solutions provided by Optiseal Australia

Hannoband® 3E

Hannoband 3E multifunctional sealing tape - for sealing windows: expanding foam with intergral membranes supplied by Optiseal Australia

Hanno® Duo Easy

Hanno Duo Easy flashing tape - for sealing windows: expanding foam with intergral membranes supplied by Optiseal Australia

Hanno Sealing and Insulation

Optiseal have been appointed official Australian partners of Hanno range of expandable sealing and flashing tapes. These products are manufactured in Germany under stringent quality systems and perform to internationally recognized standards. They perform a vital role in improving the thermal efficiency, water tightness and habitability of buildings through the creation of effective seals around penetrations in a building’s envelope. Their extensive range has applications for sound proofing as well. We stock and recommend the following products from the Hanno range.

Hannoband® 600

Hannoband 600 - the top tape among the joint sealing tapes.

For sealing directly weather-exposed joints in facade and window construction. Anyone favouring construction joints with long-term perfect sealing will select Hannoband® 600. After an outdoor weathering test MPA Hannover confirmed that Hannoband® performed clearly better than the requirements of DIN 18542:2009 even after 15 years in the joint.

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  • For heavy-duty primary and cross joints
  • Resistant to long-term weathering
  • Corresponds to DIN 18542:2009, stress group 1
  • Rated Construction materials class B1 DIN 4102
  • Thermal conductivity λ=0,0429 W/mK
  • Resistant to driving rain ≥ 600 Pa
  • Joint sound insulation value RST,W max. 59 dB
  • Temperature stability from -30°C to +100°C, briefly to max. +130°C
  • Open to diffusion
  • Can be caulked, plastered or painted over

Hannoband® BSB BG1

The fire protection tape.

This special fire protection tape is flame retardant according to DIN 4102 and is available up to fire rating EI 120. Including for directly weather exposed joints, fire protection joints and partitions in the indoor area as well as for fire protection window and for joints between masonry parts to ensure the required fire resistance rating.

  • Joint sealing tape with special acrylate dispersion
  • Impregnation especially for fire protection (patent pending)
  • Stress group BG1 DIN 18542:2009
  • For driving rain protected expansion and connection joints in window construction ≥ 600 Pa
  • Joint permeability, an ≤ 1,0 m³/(h∙m∙(daPa)2/3)
  • sd value ≤ 0.5 m
  • Color: light grey

Click Hanno BSB BG1 Technical Data for technical information on Hanno BSB BG1 tapes.

Hannoband® 3E

Hannoband 3E - the all-in-one multi-functiontape with an even wider application range.

The "all-in-one" multifunctional tape is the product of choice especially for the fast and reliable sealing of window joints. The polyurethane soft foam recovers in the joint and thereby seals the window joint permanently. Relative movements of building elements are compensated even after many years. The patented HANNO membrane technology in these innovative products is responsible for the high barrier action of these tapes. Besides, Hanno® Multifunctional Tape 3E is excellent for heat insulation and complies with all requirements of the new energy saving legislation. The very good sound insulation properties of the tape complement the high quality level of this product.

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  • All three window sealing functions in one
  • Easy, fool-proof application
  • No internal or external foil required
  • No messy canister foam required
  • Meets the RAL guidelines for window fitting
  • Resistance to driving rain >1050 Pa

Hanno® Flashing Tape DUO Easy 240

The Hanno® Flashing Tape DUO Easy 240 tape range offers a fully surfaced adhesive layer, which does not require an additional film adhesive for suitable substrate. One side self-adhesive over the full area – for inner and outer sealing.

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  • Moisture-depending sd value
  • Suitable for rehabilitation and new construction
  • High adhesive strength of the mounting strip on all kinds of window frames and different types of masonry base.
  • Can be installed at low temperature
  • Can be plastered and painted over
  • Stretchable

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