Hanno Flashing Tapes Duo Easy 240 - joint sealing tapes

Hanno® Flashing Tape DUO Easy 240

Flashing Tapes

Hanno® Flashing Tape DUO Easy 240 was designed primarily for curtain window elements of the type often found in low-energy construction.

Hanno® Flashing Tape DUO Easy+ 240 has an additional adhesive strip on the opposite side and therefore replaces conventional film tapes for many applications in building.

The film tapes are moisture variable, which makes them suitable for application inside and outside. The sd value of both tapes is between 0.48 < sd < 12.0 m. The high level of insensitivity to driving rain of > 1,050 Pa prevents the ingress of moisture on the side exposed to weather. Inside, the important air-tightness of an ≤ 0.1 is obtained. The film tapes can also be used during the cold season at temperatures as low as -10 °C.

Hanno® Duo Easy 240

The Hanno-Flashing Tape DUO Easy tape range offers a fully surfaced adhesive layer, which does not require an additional film adhesive for suitable substrate.

  • Moisture-depending sd value
  • Suitable for rehabilitation and new construction
  • High adhesive strength of the mounting strip on all kinds of window frames and different types of masonry base.
  • Can be installed at low temperature
  • Can be plastered and painted over
  • Stretchable

Technical data:

  • Variable moisture – optimum moisture management in the joint
  • sd value 0.48 ≤ sd ≤ 12.0 m
  • Resilient for optimum installation
  • Installation without additional film adhesive
  • Outstanding resistance to driving rain >1050 Pa
  • And air-tightness an ≤ 0.1 m³/(h∙m∙(daPa)2/3)
  • Can be plastered/rendered over
  • All adhesive layers covered by slit film
  • Temperature compatibility -40 °C to +80 °C
  • Processing temperature -10 °C* to +30 °C
Flashing tapes using Hanno Duo Easy Tape

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